Governor of Kursk region - Alexander Mikhailov

Governor of Kursk region
Alexander Mikhailov

Reception room
Address: House of Soviets, Red Square, Kursk, Russia, 305002
Tel.: (8-4712) 55-68-21,  70-21-21,
fax: (8-4712) 56-65-73


Address of Governor of Kursk region

I am glad to greet you at the hospitable Kursk land. Kursk region is one of the most dynamically developing regions of Central Russia, it is reached with natural resources, including unique reserves of iron ore, black earth, water resources, and above all with talented and hardworking people. Kursk people inherit from their ancestors love to the land, diligence, pride and ability to stand up for themselves. And my Kursk people are experienced warriors said about them the author of Lay of Igors Warfare.

A lot of trials fell to Kursk people`s lot. But whatever happed they didn`t lose hope, worked hard and defended their Motherland during wartime. Having lived through the difficult nineties, we face the future with confidence. Together with the whole Russia, we are moving towards democratic reforms, developing the market, reviving the economy. And we have no doubt that Russia will be strong and prosperous country, competent participant of the world community.

Kursk region is a developed and at the same time ecologically clean enough industrialandagrarian area. Kursk black soil is considered to be the etalon of soil fertility and from the last century, their samples are stored in the Museum of soils in Paris, the Museum of Natural History in Amsterdam and the Museum of Soil Science at Leipzig. Crops, gathered in by Kursk farmers, allow to satisfy not only the regional demands, but also to deliver a considerable part of grain, sugar, animal husbandry products outside the region. Industrial enterprises develop domestic and world market.

Closeness to large industrial centers of Russia and Ukraine, geopolitical location of Kursk region create the necessary prerequisites for economic, scientific and cultural cooperation, permit to exchange goods actively and involve business partners. Reaches of mineral and raw material resources, industrial and agricultural potential make our region attractive for mobilization of investment.

We are ready to cooperate with investors in different fields, social and scientific programmes, introduction of new technologies, foundation of new ventures. Administration of Kursk region is carrying out its investment policy so as to take into consideration the interests of both parties and to provide guarantees of stable work for the investors. Large investment companies have invested in the development of agriculture, including the sugar industry, had time to make certain of it.

Today not just professionals work at the authorities. Most of them were born and grew on this land and love for it they have imbibed with mother's milk and therefore concern about the revival of their homeland is the case and the meaning of their life.

Anyone who wants to acquaint and cooperate with our region, I invite to visit it. I'm sure you will love our land and find not only reliable business partners, but true friends.

Welcome to the nightingale land of Russia!

A. Mikhailov,
Governor of Kursk region

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